Cool City Games

Cool City Games

In Port Huron, Cool City Games is the place to go for all your hobby and gaming needs. They carry a full range of sport cards and collecting supplies. They also have a wide assortment of card games, board games, and war gaming miniatures and accessories. With open gaming and regular tournament events, who could ask for a better place to game with your friends?

Natural Enhancements, Inc.

Natural Enhancements was a premium landscaping, and general contracting company. They offered a wide range of services, from basic landscaping, to custom fire installations. Whether you wanted a new patio, a new backyard, or a whole new look for your corporate headquarters, Natural Enhancements could build an outdoor experience you would enjoy for years.

T. G. Priehs Paving Co.

Whether you're a home owner looking to pave your driveway, a business looking to resurface your parking lot, or a municipality looking to pave or resurface a road, T. G. Priehs Paving can be counted on for the highest quality work on any size asphalt paving or asphalt maintenance project. They even provide excavation, grading, and striping services.

Port Sanilac Barn Theatre

A top notch community theatre, The Barn Theatre of Port Sanilac produces nine shows every summer, including at least one musical, and specializes in British sex farces. Running on a shoe-string, they produce quality shows for children and adults. They may not have central air, but you won't mind the heat as they keep you laughing with every line.

Hope Christian Counseling, PLLC

A premier counseling service serving the mid-Michigan region, Hope Christian Counseling provides counseling for children, adults, couples and groups. They provide state certified addiction therapy services, as well as trauma and crisis counseling. Upon request, they will also provide you with guidance based on positive Christian teachings and philosophy.

Indian Summer Compost

Indian Summer Recycling, maker of Indian Summer Compost, collects municipal yard wastes, and converts them into a nutrient rich, erosion resistant compost suitable for construction, landscaping, farming, and other applications. This reduces landfill costs, while increasing the positive ecological footprint of those that use them both for intake as well as a supplier.