Here at MDSC&C Consulting we understand that communication is very important. We all communicate every moment of every day. To help you make sure that your interactions with your customers are as smooth as possible, we offer a number of services to give your business an identity that stands out from the rest of the pack.


Whether you're looking just to have a basic web presence, or a world class website, we can help you achieve your internet goals. In fact, many businesses overlook the value of an intranet website: an internal website hosted locally for employees only. Post your often-used documents, legal agreements, and employee handbooks conveniently on your secure internal network.

MDSC&C Web Design Portfolio

Email Templates

In addition to making websites, we also do layouts for email correspondence. We offer competitive rates for email design and implementation. Do you want to send out a regular newsletter, promotions, advertisements, or just looking for more professional communications? We can help.

Social Media

By now we've all heard of Social Media, but what is it, and how can you use it to improve your relationship with customers or your brand and image on the internet? We are familiar with many Social Media services and offerings, and can advise you on what networks will work for you and how to use the communication tools available to you to their fullest potential.

Graphic Design

Are you a new business looking to make a name for yourself? Are you an existing business in need of a new image? We can assist you in your graphic design needs. From logo creation, to letterhead, to websites and beyond, we can work with you to create not just a name or an image, but a brand. We will help you create a unified look and feel to all of your documents and correspondence, so no matter if your company is one hundred people or just you, your customers will recognize your value.